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    Dr Charles Parker: Postings on applied neuroscience and brain physiology.

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One-Line Bio

Writer, Speaker, Neuroscientist and Psychiatric Consultant - Translating Emerging New Brain and Body Science for Both Public and Professionals.


New scientific evidence changes psychiatric care, everyday.

For years many considered psychiatry a belief system filled with dreams, abstractions, and little reality. Even today, many assert that ADD is a character problem, and SPECT brain imaging is modern snake oil.

But now, let’s travel beyond “belief systems.” New evidence, facts do count. Psychiatry has evolved to include the latest research in molecular and cellular biology, and brain physiology - neuroscience. Everyday practice has moved from fantasies and dreams - to include reality.

New questions with new answers increasingly drive treatment interventions. Brain and body "biologic systems" can be measured for their function and specifically treated based upon solid molecular and cellular laboratory evidence.

And on this new path we don't forget the past. Traditional interventions remain valid. Advances in biotechnology and neuroscience simply offer more comprehensive treatment strategies.

The Bio:
Dr Charles Parker, Medical Director of CorePsych, provides both personal consultation and professional training to address the multiplicity of challenges present in psychiatry today.

With the abundant changes in the technology of information delivery he is available for time saving virtual consultation and presentations anywhere.

His first book, Deep Recovery, - about the lessons of difficult relationships - is available at Amazon and in the office. Please call if Amazon is out.

If you have an interest in evidence from brain imaging or specific labs, do take a moment to consider SPECT training for your office practice [sign up on the front of the website].

If you are one of the many people downstream from the multiple problems with ADHD medications, please sign up for that book as well. Look for a free white paper that will introduce you to the book at the sign in box at CorePsychBlog.

Specific Training
- Westminster College, Fulton, MO, BS: Biology, Minor: English
- Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Phila, PA
- Adult Psychiatry: Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
- Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: Hahnemann Med Center, Phila., PA [Chief Resident]
- Adult Psychoanalysis: Philadelphia Association for Psychoanalysis
- Board Certified Adult Psych, Forensic Psych
- Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association
- Board Certified Addiction Medicine - for 10 years
- Family and Interpersonal Mediation: Old Dominion University
- Coaching: Mentor Coach: International Coach Federation Accredited
- Licensed: Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Management of Radioisotopes - for use in Nuclear Medicine – 2003

- Visiting Professor, Psych Dept., Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA - Current
- Active outpatient practice since early 70’s, Partner in Parker, Schlichter and Assoc. in Va Beach, VA
- Hospital programs: Management and Program Development from ~’78 to ~’92 including Executive Medical Director of Peninsula Hospital, Hampton, VA
- Management Consultant: Media Buying Firms in Montauk, NY, Times Square, NYC, and Redgate, NJ, Precast Concrete Manufacturers in Richmond, VA, and Auto Sales/Managment in Va Beach.
- Guest Creativity Consultant: With Edward de Bono at Electronic Data Systems in Dallas [see the blog post].
- Program Development: Substance Abuse Treatment Centers and Providers, from Sun Valley ID, to Lafayette LA.
- Lectured: Psychopharmacology nationally for > 13 years to hundreds of medical colleagues with special interests in antidepressants and diagnosis and treatment for ADD: NYC, to Boston, LA, and Seattle
- Developed and managed as Chief Psychiatrist: Amen Clinic in Reston, VA near Washington, DC: SPECT brain imaging in clinical practice, started in '03.
- Continued Active SPECT Image Evaluation Practice: reviewing, managing the scan process, and teaching the use of brain imaging, thousands of scan review hours, since 2003. Patient Care Coordinator will give more details on that page.
- Neuroscience Consultant: Spero Retreat, Beverly Hills, CA; Patrick Carnes, PhD IITAP & Gentle Path; LifeBridge Diagnostics, SPECT Imaging, Melbourne, FL.
- Teleconference coaching and teleseminar presentations from '98 with clients from Japan, Iceland, Ecuador, Israel, England, Scotland and Alaska
- Society for Nuclear Medicine,
- American Medical Association,
- Institute for Functional Medicine

On a personal note:
- Eagle Scout, and God and Country Awards
- Bailed hay and caught chickens in Indiana. It was great fun. [See the post on agrarian guilt.]
- Picked cotton [3 seasons] and shoveled concrete on the roads [3 yrs] in Missouri. Never again. The roads will teach you chain-gang teamwork.

- Organic gardener and beekeeper for years. Lessons: with the bees: stay natural, remain calm with a big buzz, - and regarding worm composting: meaningless scraps can heal the garden.
- Attended Culver Military Academy, ‘60G. Trumpet in the Band [wrong specialty], wonderful team, still in contact.
- Sold furnace cleanings door to door in metro West Philadelphia. Going into those homes and meeting the families: Unforgettable.
- Read my poetry in Philadelphia clubs with physician colleague Ashley Angert playing backup classical guitar: it was a very different time.
- Black Belt: Shotokan Karate, Dr Hamada, Hanshi - International Chairperson of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, Japan [Oldest Japanese Martial Arts Society]. Got hit a few times.
- Outdoor writer, salt water fly fisherman, spey fishing enthusiast. It's like dancing in the woods.

Quite a tour, from Missouri farms to metro psychoanalysis, SPECT imaging and molecular and cellular physiology. In almost 40 years, we have evolved from questions about sexual fantasies to very specific interest in bowel movements, PMS, and exposure to mold!

- From a start with mind - back to include body, with little left behind. Most interesting: how the biological body facts do fit with the mind work and the clinical stories.

Tune in.